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Living in a small and secluded village such as Santo Estêvão offers peace of mind and close contact with the nature.

Traditional farming is the main activity of the few inhabitants. Despite economically catastrophically is very environmentally friendly. For example, …


The Legend 

The word São (Portuguese for Saint) points us to the sacred origins of São Macário. According to legend, the son of a rich castellan called Macário sought refuge high up in the secluded mountains far away from civilization. …


Visit Almodôvar, Portugal: a charming medieval town (37.511762, -8.060513) in the Alentejo, near Faro. The small town is just 80 km north of the Portuguese south coast capital city, and the airport.

The town’s easy-going people, peculiar landscapes and ancient roots give it …


As a new PhD in Sweden, I always imagined that my PhD experience would be one of full of interaction, research opportunities, growth and travelling. I had dreamt about this since when I can remember and this had been my …


You might be familiar with a slightly different smoked sausage, the one from our neighbours across the borderChorizo. The Portuguese recipe, however, is Chouriço and we pronounce sho-ree-soo.

Portuguese Chouriço: the (not so) secret ingredient 

Chouriço is a traditional delicacy and widely popular …


One of the oldest dishes in history, going back to prehistoric times, soup is perennially popular in Portugal. The country fiercely defends its, position as the European leading consumer of this food by keeping a diverse repertoire of recipes, tailored …

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