Terms of service

Ecorustics acts as an online advertising platform for rural stays. The plan is to include products and services related with the countryside, so please contact us if you would like to advertise with us.

Ecorustics takes only 5% commission for reservation. Meaning that the final amount that the host receives is 5% smaller than the cost advertized in Ecorustics platform.. Note that sometimes a credit or debit car fee may apply. Usually this fee is around 1.1% but when there is a currecy conversion is can reach up to 3%.   

The host is responsible for his\her listing. Ecorustics is not liable for any personal or property damage. 

The compromise of Ecorustics is to keep this website in good functioning and assist all our users with any queries related with the website.

Ecorustics pay the hosts in the first 5 days after the check-in is confirmed.


Cancellation Policies

Short-term Stays:

These are bookings that do not extend for more than 30 days. Cancellations made 10 days in advance before check-in will result in a full refund.

If the cancellation is made with less notice, a cancellation fee of up to 50% may apply. 


Long-term Stays:

"Long-term stays" are those lasting more than 30 days, which can be paid in full or monthly, depending on what is agreed upon with the Host.

If the Guest cancels 30 days prior, they will receive a full refund. However, if the cancellation occurs within 30 days before check-in, the Guest will need to pay at least the value of the first month of the reservation. Additionally, if the Guest decides to leave early during the stay, they will be charged the equivalent of 30 days after the cancellation date or until the end of the original reservation. This policy benefits the Hosts when Guests cancel at short notice, as Hosts receive the equivalent of one month's payment and do not need to spend as much time seeking new Guests or making new bookings.


Refund or Cancellation During Stay:

Cancelations after the check in are treated in an idividual cases. The general rule is that there will be no refunds unless the host is not fulliling what he/she has advertised.

If the Host refuses or does not respond within 8 hours, the Guest may request Ecorustics' intervention for assistance.


Host Approval of Long-Term Reservation Changes:

If changes are made less than 30 days from the initial check-in date, the Host has the choice to approve any reservation changes, such as if the Guest wants to extend their stay or alter the stay dates.


Automatic Approval of Reservation Changes:

Reservations altered, extended, or dates modified up to 30 days before check-in will be automatically updated, and consequently, the calendar will be updated.


Host Cancels Reservation without Valid Justification:

Cancellations without a valid reason may result in the suspension or removal of the Host's listing/account. The guest will be fully refunded.


Issues During Stay:

If there is any problem during your stay, the Guest should report the issue to the Host, who should respond and try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If the problem affecting the stay is acknowledged, it is possible to receive a full or partial refund, depending on the severity of the problem and how it affected the stay.



-The Host cancels the reservation before check-in; 

-Access to the accommodation is not granted;  

-Essential information is missing in the listing, such as the Host's presence, another person, or a pet during the stay;  

-The accommodation is not in proper condition at check-in due to various reasons:  

        -Lack of cleanliness and hygiene;  

        -Health or safety risks;  

        -Presence of pests.  

-The listing presents incorrect or omitted information, such as:  

        -Wrong description in the listing;  

        -Incorrect number or type of rooms;  

        -Inaccurate location of the accommodation;  

        -Lack of amenities. 


It is advisable to gather evidence, such as photos or videos, to document the problems. Send a detailed request to the Host describing the issue and, if possible, include photos. It is essential for the Guest to alert the problem as soon as detected; otherwise, the refund may be affected.


Host's Responsibility for Cancellation:

If the space differs from the listing description, such as serious defects, lack of important information, security flaws, etc., the Host is responsible for the Guest's cancellation, and the Guest will receive a full refund.

If the Host cannot fulfill the reservation, it is their responsibility to cancel in advance so that Guests have time to make adjustments to their plans.

The Host should not encourage Guests to cancel their own bookings; they should take responsibility for the cancellation, ensuring that Guests have enough time to find other accommodation options.


Guest's Responsibility for Cancellation:

The responsibility for canceling a reservation falls on the Guest if there is a lack of payment or any missbehaviour.

If the Guest decides to cancel the reservation following Ecorustics' cancellation rules, they may lose part or all of the money paid, depending on the rules established by the host and the timing of the cancellation.


Cancellation Fees:

If the Host cancels a reservation or is considered responsible for a cancellation, they will incur a cancellation fee. This fee will vary depending on the reservation value and the timing of the cancellation.

Cancellation fees are generally deducted from future payments to be made to the Host, as described in the Payment Terms of Service. Besides the established fees, if the Host cancels or is deemed responsible for the cancellation, they will not receive any payment for canceled reservations. If payment has already been made, the corresponding amount will be retained from future payments.


Cases Where Cancellation Fees Apply:

If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before check-in, the Guest will be charged 25% of the total reservation.

 If the reservation is canceled within the last 48 hours of check-in or afterward, the Guest will be charged 50% of the value of the remaining days of the reservation.


Cases Where Fees Do Not Apply:

 If the Host cancels due to exceptional situations (unforeseen events, emergencies, natural disasters, etc.) or for valid reasons beyond their control, we may waive the fees. The Host must provide documentation or evidence to justify these situations, and upon evaluation of the available evidence, we will decide whether to waive the fees or impose other consequences.

 If we choose to waive the fees, there might be other consequences, such as the blocking of the space's calendar. However, even if we waive fees or other penalties, the Host will not receive payment for canceled reservations.


Final Notes:

The legal rights of Guests and Hosts are not affected by this policy.

It is recommended that Guests resolve issues directly with the Host before turning to Ecorustics.

Complaints must be made within 48 hours of detecting the problem to be eligible under the policy.

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