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Occupations: Researcher

Education: University degree

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My hobbies: ecorustics

I can help with: Translation, getting establishing in the countryside

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Residency: Viseu

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I am the last person to be born and raised in the village of Santo Estêvão. At the moment only five people live permanently in the village, of whom my mother was the last one to give birth and that was more than 30 years ago; it’s very unlikely that in the near future a new resident will arrive.

Being brought up in the countryside helped me to develop a very close relation with the rural areas. On the one hand being the only kid living in the village challenged me every day over how to occupy my time. In fact life there for me was so boring that working in the field (planting potatoes, watering the corn etc.) was often the most entertaining experience of the day. Only during my teenager years did I have access to videos games, so I had more than a decade of trying to find my own entertainment. TV was black and white with only two channels which worked by rotating the antenna. Luckily later or my neighbour got a colour TV with 4 channels so I could follow my passion for Dragon Ball. Reading was never an interest even though I’ve tried hard (and I still try) to develop reading habits. On the other hand the extra free time may have triggered a more thoughtful personality since from an early age I would think about who I am and where I want to be. So my ambitions were perhaps fixed earlier and were more settled and more solid than those of my peers. Even though on the outside I may have appeared more shy than others, my inner self-awareness was probably stronger than average.

At age of 17 I started my studies as a Mechanical Engineer in the University of Aveiro where I had the privileged opportunity to meet Vasco Zeferina.

My first internship dates from 2010 in Silicon Valley (you can read more about this experience here ). This entrepreneurial environment contributed to the maturing of my dream of promoting my childhood village, abandoned by many in the search for better living conditions. After USA I started working in Toulouse, France for 2 years as a Consulting Engineer for Airbus. This period was great in many ways such as it was in Toulouse where I met Delinete Rocha introduced trough a friend.  At the moment I’m doing my scientific research into composite materials in Gothenburg, Sweden. In my free time I’m actively pursuing my dream of fostering the rural areas as places for well-being to flourish.

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