Frequently asked questions

The reservation is paid to Ecorustics or directly to the hosts?

The reservation should be paid directly to the hosts. Ecorustics acts as an advertising and booking platform. That is how we can keep our costs to the minimum and charge much less that Airbnb or Booking.

Are the reservations mean an automatic commitment or we need to accept first? 

There are no automatic reservations. The host will receive a message in Ecorustics and e-mail notification with a booking request. Once the host and the client agree on everything than they have a booking that they will either pay through bank transfer, Paypal, Revolut or any other way. 

How much does it cost to have rural stay in Ecorustics website?

It's free to register a stary in Ecorustics. The only responsibility that you have is to have a tidy advertisement with pictures and accurate description. Whenever you receive a booking you should reply in less than 24 hours. 

Does Ecorustics charge commission?

We charge 5% commission for each reservation. However, for the first 50 people to register the first 10 reservations are commission free.

I'm interested in short term rentals, like daily or weekly, is it Ecorustics still adequate? 

Yes, we have a daily price, a hidden weekly price, and a monthly price. When the client tried to make reservation the daily, weekly and monthly values are linearly interpolated. This makes sure that you always get the fair value according to the price you set. 

I have a condominium in a city, can I still register in Ecorustics? 

You are welcome to register in our website. However, you will probably get a reduced number of booking requests since most of our audience is looking for more secluded places in the countryside. 

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