Frequently Asked Questions


The reservation is paid to Ecorustics or directly to the hosts?

The reservation should be paid directly through Ecorustics. This can gurantee safety to both parties. In case of any issues with the listing the guest can ask for a refund up to 5 days after check in. 

The host can also recover some losses in case of a last minute cancelation.


Does a paid reservation mean that the place is booked even if there is no confirmation from the host? 

A paid reservation normally should mean that the place is booked. However, it's up to the guest to make sure that the host is reponsive and confirms the reservation. Otherwise the guest should contact Ecorustics for a full refund. 

How much does it cost to have rural stay in Ecorustics website?

It's free to register a stary in Ecorustics. The only responsibility that you have is to have a tidy advertisement with pictures and accurate description. Whenever you receive a booking you should reply in less than 24 hours. 


Does Ecorustics charge commission?

We charge 5% commission for each reservation.


I'm interested in short term rentals, like daily or weekly, is Ecorustics still adequate? 

Yes. We display long term in the landing page because those properties receive more interest.


I have a condominium in a city, can I still register in Ecorustics? 

You are welcome to register in our website. However, you will probably get a reduced number of booking requests since most of our audience is looking for more secluded places in the countryside. 

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