About us

Ecorustics is an initiative that aims at transforming the abandoned and remote villages in Portugal into hubs for remote working, recreation activities and revived spaces for sustainable living. Ecorustics was found by Sergio Costa, the last child born in the village of Santo Estevão in central Portugal. Witnessing the transformation of the village from an agricultural and self-sustaining community, into a lifeless space of endless pastureland where only three people remain inhabitants, inspired this initiative to bring new people and new purposes to the astonishing landscapes of rural Portugal. 

Ecorustics is an online platform to connect people with rural stays in Portugal to the rest of the world. With Ecorustics you can position your village accommodation on a platform exclusively dedicated to tourists with interest in rural locations. On the other hand, if you are a tourist or someone with interest in rural locations, with Ecorustics you can find the perfect place to start your rural adventure or the next gem to explore. But it does not end there, Ecorustics is a platform that helps people exchange knowledge, inspiration, rural produce and other experiences, therefore, any question that may come to your mind, will get a response through Ecorustics community.

Countryside has a lot to offer, however the opportunities to advertise and reach avid international explorers are scarce compared to urban areas. Platforms such as Booking or Airbnb  charge high commissions that are not compensated due to the lower demand compared to cities. Differently from these other platforms, Ecorustics has a more focused vision in bringing rural Portugal together in a platform which is easily reachable by anyone interested. Ecorustics is not a giant corporate, but it is a local venture. We share the lifestyle of people living in the countryside in Portugal and we are much more approachable and flexible. Can you get the WhatsApp of Airbnb? How long do you wait for the customer service?

The second big difference is that we are very open, we let you add a button to your listing on Airbnb for example. 

The third is that contrary to Airbnb you can actually have access to the details of our hosts, such as the profile picture and all the blog posts as shown in our host page

Who are we

Ecorustics services focused on the people moving to the countryside or just visiting. We advertise rural properties for rent, hosts and explorers that can be both service providers. We put particular emphasis on the rural aspects as well as om the ecologic and sustainable side. We try to push this values to our friends and customers. Most of the properties don't aim at a mass tourism and were built with local materials and labour. The surrounding land has very high importance as well. Places where is possible to farm organically and enjoy the nature are particularly appreciated. You can find out more about Ecorustics in the about page.

Ecorustics blog

With our blog the locals can reveal the beautiful landscapes, rural stays, gastronomy and any knowledge related to the countryside! We want to communicate to travellers to Portugal our passion about Portuguese rural regions and their traditions.

We promote the Portuguese least known places, revealing the hidden opportunities that exist there, and to guide travellers seeking to explore unspoiled places and meet authentic communities. 


Ecorustics team

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