Revealing Portuguese Rural Secrets

We are revealing rural Portugal to the rest of the world!

We facilitate the exploration of unspoiled locations and traditions otherwise hidden to travellers.

We offer locals the opportunity to promote their rustic values such as landscapes, rural stays, gastronomy and stories!

We want to communicate to travellers to Portugal our passion about Portuguese rural regions and their traditions. We want to promote these places, revealing the hidden opportunities that exist there, and to guide travellers seeking to explore unspoiled places and meet authentic communities.

A rural exodus has affected rural regions of Portugal and has left these areas unexplored and isolated, but at the same time it has preserved the local authenticity and picturesqueness.

These regions cry out for new life, for a stimulus to the local economy and for forms of local development; but this development needs to be through activities that will preserve the uniqueness and authenticity of these areas.


Portugal was the World’s leading travel destination in 2017. In our opinion, the current Portuguese tourism boom is an opportunity for these rural regions. The little known charms of places in these regions offer diverse possibilities for tourists in Portugal.

In these rural localities you are surrounded by mountains and pure rivers and you find yourself in friendly communities. This offers a great opportunity to relax and find refreshment. Simplicity is the keynote to life here, and we find that these experiences provide us with clearer minds. A visit to these places is a unique experience.

In this website we hope to entice you to find something different to visit in Portugal. We tell you of some of Portugal’s hidden rural secrets. Most importantly: Visit them!


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Who we are

Sérgio Costa

Linked to the countryside by destiny I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in the village of Santo Estêvão.  Nowadays only 4 inhabitants live permanently in this tiny village. I had no siblings and was the only kid of my age growing up in a small place and the youngest person after me was actually my mother followed by my father. Growing up in an isolated environment is probably not as negative as it sounds since according to most people I turned up "all right". As a kid I've never appreciated much the countryside lifestyle so I pursued engineering studies followed by a PhD.

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Vasco Zeferina

I am Vasco Zeferina, 30 Years Old. I was born and raised in Leiria, In 2010, I graduated in mechanical engineering from the university of Aveiro, where I was being studying since 2005. I had worked as engineer, until I start a PhD in the University of Manchester. Currently, I am a PhD researcher at the University of Manchester.

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Delinete Rocha

Born in rural Espirito Santo, Brazil, where I had a wonderful time as a child playing with a few dozen cousins in the farm, I can’t help being drawn towards this kind of ambiance. In fact, I dream of a similarly idyllic childhood for my baby boy, as well as for all the other children living in Portugal today.
As a teenager, brought by the migration wave from Brazil to Portugal, my family and I found ourselves in the sunny countryside of Alentejo in August of 2001 in search of a better life. A new job opportunity for my father, created by the road construction boom in the country at the time, and good schools for my little brother and me, brought this about.

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Initial idea
Ecorustics' aim is to to revitalize the Portuguese countryside. We, Sérgio and Vasco, started this project during a summer trip to the magnificent natural wonders around Sérgios's vilage, Santo Estêvão. This small village in central Portugal, with 4 inhabitants, preserves most of the authenticity of rural living. So the question we asked ourselves was: Why not revealing Santo Estêvão and places alike to more people?

However, attracting people from the urban areas to experience the rural lifestyle is not an easy task. During this difficult journey we have counted on the help of Delinete, Oliver and Alina. At the same time as we developed our online presence and raise awareness to the rustic wonders, Sérgio and his family have started to host tourists in Santo Estêvão with the guidance of Vasco.

Bringing life back to a remote village
Showing that it is possible to attract people from all around the world to an isolated village in central Portugal is a major step forward towards Ecorustics' goal. Hosting many international people brought a new vibrance to the village and attracted the attention of the locals. Besides the almost pristine nature the guests enjoy mostly the authenticity and the hospitality of Sérgio's parents, Manuel e Fernanda.

Hosting travellers in remote areas, is a great joy for everyone and brings the necessary dynamism to rural places. It's very surprising that Manuel and Fernanda, who only speak Portuguese, could be very good hosts to international people. At Ecorustics we hope we can help anyone in similar situation.

Looking forward
After receiving our first guests we were impressed by the very positive feedback so we decided to improve the place. We advised Manuel and Fernanda to install big solar panels to warm up the water instead of the traditional wood fire. We helped to re-furbishing an additional room in the attic. The arriving of tourists to Santo Estevao has made us to find and explore more interesting features of the region, traditions and local products. This made us to look for local suppliers, partners and entities that can provide products and services to the visitors we host.


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