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Occupations: Agriculture Engineer

Education: University degree

My languages:

My hobbies: Agriculture, Rural, Old Cars, Organic Farming, Historical Housing

I can help with: We are at Celorico de Basto, mostly rural areas, and usually also help our guests with certain affairs. Most common requests while monthly renting, which requires more support.

Phone number: Hidden

Residency: Braga

Long description:

We are a local, homely family, with a passion for nature, organic farming, pleasures of traditional lands, ancient knowledge, vintage cars, sustainable solar methods (solar oven), and mills! We like to help others, and since 2004 we have been, over time, rehabilitating the immovable and natural heritage, within our means. We live with Nature!

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Casa do Castelo em Arnóia

Azenha de Barrega

Casa dos Limoeiros em Ribas

Casa de Praia-Mar Valadares

Casa Panorâmica Aurora

Casa da Eira da Lavoura

Casa Ponte da Vessada

Caseiros da Casa da Lavoura

Casa do Couto, Campo e Surf

Chalé Rústico da Quinta

Estúdio da Casa da Lavoura

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