Small house in Sá

Small house in Sá

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    • 3 Bedroom(s)
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    This quaint vilage is located in Sá, São pedro do Sul, near the footstep of the São Macário mountain. This village is home to only 8 residents and this house is the perfect place if you're looking for a quiet place to stay and get to know the local lifestyle or if your just looking for a place to crash after adventuring through the mountains.


    After the entrace you'll have to go up a flight of stairs, this is because the bottom floor in old houses was used to keep farm equipment, crops, or even animals such as chickens or pigs, this one however was used as a small tavern and stored a wine press, now it sits empty. After climbing the stairs, to your left you'll have a small basic kitchen, to your right you'll have a short hall which will lead you to the bathroom and if you go straight ahead you'll find the living room which connects to each room individualy. The living room and the bedrooms have wooden floors, the other rooms are tiled. There's one master bedroom with one bed, and two bedrooms with two single beds.

    Location and surroundings

    The house is situated in the center of Sá, this doesn't mean however that it's a crowded place, you'll have two neighbors and maybe sheep. Most people only come during the summer since they work in other parts of the country and only come to spend their holidays. We'll leave you with a Google Maps link, so that you can check for yourself.

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