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The Northern Portugal Region (Portuguese Região Norte) consists of the districts of Viana do Castelo, Porto, Vila Real, Bragança and Braga as well as parts of the districts of Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda (see Wikipedia).

Most of the communities have only a few tens of thousands of inhabitants, which shows that the areas are agricultural in character. Most of the population is concentrated in coastal regions, as everywhere else in Portugal. Most people live in the Porto region. Most people know Porto for its port wine, which is enjoyed by tourists. Local people prefer normal dry wine, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from tasting a few glasses of real port wine. This region is easiest to reach from abroad via the Porto (OPO) airport, which is very modern and offers everything a traveller needs. There are many car rental companies, but it is still advisable to book a car on time via an online platform ( The prices are cheaper in this case and you can still cancel the booking free of charge in many cases if the plans have changed.

Braga Northern Portugal

If you are in the region of Northern Portugal, you must visit the Porto stand. The city offers a variety of attractions and has a friendly character and is more relaxed than other major European cities. As an agrotourist, you should not spend so much time in Porto and devote yourself to the real destination of the trip, the remote villages and small towns a few hours away from the coast. At Ecorustics we focus on such regions and offer the right information and directions to make your holiday unforgettable and exciting.

A few hours away is the district of Viseu, which belongs to the northern part of Portugal. Ecorustics is currently focusing on a part of this district to provide the best information for agrotourists.

Porto Northern Portugal



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