The go-to region for wine lovers

To the north, the Algarve gives way to Alentejo. The beautiful countryside landscapes are marked by expansive views over gentle rolling hillsides, Cork trees in golden wheat fields in Summer, and cheerful pastures in Spring. This is also home to many of Portugal’s famous vineyards and some of the world’s best wine. The rural picture is capped by the addition of numerous, increasingly sustainable farms, the typical grazing sheep and goats and the free-range Alentejo black pig rooting in the fields.


In the cultural domain, locals take great pride in their ancient roots and traditional ways of life, as well as in their food and beverage. This ensures that there will always be plenty to see and to sample during your stay in the Alentejo, the wine-lovers go-to region. And the foodies’, and the walkers’, and the families’…


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