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Explore traditional farming in the village of Santo Estêvão

Agriculture has made a remarkable shift to our civilization. Nowadays there are scarce places where traditional agricultural techniques remain unchanged over the centuries. Santo Estêvão is one of those places.

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  • It’s a tiny village in central Portugal with only one family making a living from traditional farming.

Paying a visit is like travelling on time where some new technologies have arrived such as the cellphone and the tractor to help in the farm. But otherwise many tradition techniques remain intact. If you would like to know more about the history of the village have a look here

What can I do in Santo Estêvão?

Besides relaxing in a very peaceful place, experiencing farming lifestyle  you can also:

  • Hike to Drave, Aldeia da Pena, Penedo da Saudade, Rio Paiva. Read more here.
  • Meet the locals such as the talkative owner of the cafe in the next village just 2 kms away
  • Drive to Passadiços do Paiva through the mountains, one hour route with a very scenic view

  • You can also create the art of your dreams in probably the calmest place you ever been


Can I try some local products ?

Yes, that’s part of the experience. Here are some examples of the traditional delicacies

There are a few restaurants nearby  (10 min to 20 min drive) that also use some local products in their kitchen.
The most unique delicacies you can have is the charcuterie made from pigs fed with farm products instead of livestock. The uniqueness of this charcuterie comes from the slow growth of the pig mainly with vegetables and the slow cured meat.

Chouriça, the typical slender sausage. Salpicão, the more thick with a very sublime taste.
Presunto, the leg or thigh of the pig. This one is cured in salt for almost a year and then smoked. It is also know by Prosciutto in Italy or Jamón serrano in Spain.

Can I participate in the farming activities?

  • Yes, you are very welcome to join! Do you know how to milk a goat? Maybe just a journey to the potato crop and then helping to pick up the potatoes? Even Salvador (the cat) contributes to the crop.

Or you can also pick some fruits. Sometimes you can eat them directly from the tree!!

You can also to visit the animals. If you are lucky you can take unique selfies with them.

We can guarantee that It will be an unforgettable and educational experience for children.

Is there accommodation in the village?

  • The family house is used to host guests.
  • If you are lucky you can wake up with the sheep and the goats having lunching right next to your room.
  • If you are not afraid of small insects you can actually sleep anywhere! 🙂

We are glad to share you the traditions of our ancestors and promote this unspoiled region. You can book us trough Airbnb on the link or just contact us trough this website.

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