Casas do Espigueiro (Granary Houses) are a quality tourist project recovering old buildings using local resources (schist and granite), in the Caramulo region. The Caramulo region is located in central Portugal, in an area between Beira Alta and Beira Litoral. It combines a landscape of woodlands, fresh air, pure water streams, small waterfalls, small granite villages and granaries. The Casas do Espigueiro offer all necessary facilities for a pleasant stay. The project includes 3 one bedroom houses and one two bedroom house. The smaller houses were assigned the name of the colour that stands out: ‘Green’, ‘Blue’ or ‘Red’. The largest is called Big House in homage to the first residents’ “mother house“.

In there, you can enjoy a wide space for recreation, including a small bar and a shop, with a terrace. There, it is possible to purchase local products and items for cooking light meals in the houses. It is possible to bask in the outdoor swimming pools, one for adults and another for children, carefully treated through salt electrolysis, to reduce skin and eye allergies. This is bordered by a sympathetic green area. A wooded area and a vegetable garden make us feel even closer to nature and the freshness of this traditional village. In addition, the village provides local traditional seasonal products for visitors. Two granaries in the property, surrounded by a leisure area, give you the opportunity to find out about some of the traditional farming practices of the Portuguese countryside.

Casa do Espigueiro
Casa do Espigueiro


The Casas do Espigueiro (Granary Houses) are situated in the village of Salgueiro, in the parish of Préstimo – Macieira de Alcoba, which is in the municipality of Águeda. Located on the western slope of the Caramulo region, 365 meters above sea level, it overlooks a small valley and is surrounded by a vast wooded area. Salgueiro´s uniqueness is its quietness, tranquillity and connection to nature, capable of providing a pleasant peaceful experience. In the vicinity there is a beautiful viewpoint over the Poiso Valley. Less than 5 km away, run the rivers Alfusqueiro and Águeda, to the North and to the West respectively, surrounded by pine forest, oak and eucalyptus. The climate is mild. The summer is warm and the winter, although cold, doesn’t reach severe mountain temperatures.

In the surroundings of Salgueiro village, and around the Caramulo region, you should explore some of the hiking routes in the mountain, visit some of the neighbouring villages, have a look at some of ancient monuments of the region or swim from some of the river beaches of the region. Águeda is the closest city, 15 km away, with all the main facilities. During July, the city hosts one of the most vibrant and unexpected festivals in Portugal, AgitÁgueda, and a visit to the city during this period is worthwhile. Aveiro and Viseu are two of Portugal’s main cities, also worth visiting. On Aveiro coast, Vagueira, São Jacinto, Costa Nova or Barra are popular beach destinations. São Jacinto natural park is worth a visit, as the natural environment is preserved and not as populated by visitors and tourists.

Casa do Espigueiro Swimming Pool
Casa do Espigueiro – Swimming Pool


Casas do Espigueiro provide a breakfast basket for each house, which includes bread, cereals, jam, ham, cheese, butter, fruit juice, milk, tea and coffee. At the Bar, various snacks and drinks are served at any time. Casas do Espigueiro provide ingredients (some local products) for making meals in the houses. For those wishing to experience other alternatives, there are several options nearby that we recommend and their locations can be seen in the map below. Some of the restaurants and bars around are: “Restaurante a Escola”, “Restaurante Alfusqueiro”, “Campestre” and Bar Rami.